Earth to Sky 2024: Mas design, construction & performance

by Caribbean Yard Campus in

Registration is now open for Earth to Sky, our CVQ-certified online course in mas design, construction and performance!

In 2024, Earth to Sky will be offered over three semesters. Classes will take place on Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Semester 1 
March 9 – June 8

Elements of Design
Cardboard Sculpting

Semester 2 
June 15 – September 14

Organic and Recycled Materials
Papier Mache
Wire Sculpting

Semester 3
October 5 – March 31

Business of Mas
Construction and Finishing

Carnival Project 2025

Coordinating team
 Valentine Jerry and Lari Richardson

Local/Caricom: $TT 5,000
External: $US 800


$5,000.00 TTD