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Caribbean culture in research, education, enterprise and development.

Caribbean Yard Campus is a network of Caribbean Yards (community, grassroots, and traditional knowledge institutions) engaged in the practice, research and application of Caribbean culture in education, enterprise and development.

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Caribbean Yard Campus is an accredited training institution, certified by the National Training Agency of Trinidad and Tobago. We provide certification for experienced mas practitioners, as well as newcomers for professional livelihoods in our indigenous, global industry of Carnival.

Caribbean Yard Campus seeks to empower the people of the Caribbean through re-connecting with our indigenous intelligence and building confidence in our own creative capacity.

Our Vision

By creating intersections between traditional knowledge systems/experts and academic workers, Caribbean Yard Campus aims to produce culturally relevant approaches to development challenges in the region. This interface involves areas of educational content, methodology, ownership, authority and ultimately, empowerment in a knowledge-based society. Read More.

Our Mission

Caribbean Yard Campus is committed to the preservation, creation and promotion of Caribbean indigenous knowledge and its application to Caribbean development. In this undertaking, CYC engages in research and documentation, curriculum innovation, creative resource development and the networking of such initiatives throughout the Caribbean and its Diaspora.

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